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TTT - Tree To Textile

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

The textile Industry faces complex challenges due to its environmental footprint, and there is a need for more sustainable solutions.

New, inventive and sustainable ideas are vital to slow down the emissions caused by the textile industry. Marie Grönborg, CEO at TreeToTextile (TTT), is one of the people working on a technological solution. Just like the name suggests, TTT transforms tree cellulose into a textile fibre, making it a fossil-free material. The fibre has similar traits to cotton and viscose, but there are greater benefits to producing this regenerated cellulose than the previously mentioned ones.

Viscose is the most common cellulose based fiber, but the TreeToTechnology technology is a more cost effective process, requiring less water, energy and chemicals to produce the fibres than the viscose process. Also the TTT technology does not use the toxic chemical Carbon Disulfide that is used in the viscose production. Cotton is the second most used textile fibre, globally, and will most likely continue to be an important raw material. Its conventional production does, however, result in higher water consumption, consumes a lot of pesticides, and requires more land per fibre, hence we need more sustainable alternatives to decrease the dependency on cotton.

TTT will target the technology to produce fibres for the textile industries (home textile as well fashion, sportswear etc.) and non-woven industries, enhancing or replacing other fibres such as viscose and cotton. Grönborg says she ”thinks TreeToTextile is a very exciting company to work with, providing great opportunities to accelerate the transformation of the textile industry.".

If you’d like to know more about this fantastic company you can either visit their website or shoot them an email. You’ll find details below.

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