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Partinc Capital

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

SaaS is a well-known term in the tech and investment business. It stands for Software as a Service. One of the companies that are active in this eco-system is the investment company Partinc Capital which was founded in autumn 2021. They have offices in both Stockholm, Sweden and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Partinc Capital focuses on corporations that are “born in the clouds” and have passed the start-up phase and began their growing phase. However, the company also keeps an eye on companies that are transitioning from traditional software to SaaS.

Partinc Capitals has the vision to “democratise investments in unlisted SaaS companies” by “being the obvious choice when connecting and developing promising growth companies with investors in a public environment”.

The company has no exit horizon when they start a new collaboration with a client. Per Nordling, CEO at Partinc means that “it’s like if you would go into a marriage and tell your partner that in 7 years ‘I’m doing an exit’.” Nordling believes in long term relationships. Nordling explains that the company relies on their own money as well as external money. Partinc Capital has both shareholders from both Sweden and The Netherlands. One of the family offices investing in Partinc capital is the Swedish family, Lundbergs, through their investment company J2L.

Currently, Nordling has four companies in Partinc Capitals portfolio: Lynes Technologies, Younium, Hives and TIE Kinetix. The company is growing fast and Nordling is very positive about their future together.

If you have any questions about Partinc or you'd like to get in contact with Per Nordling, please find all their contact information down below!

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