Fall 2020 Interns

Please welcome our two new interns, Frida Petersen Albert, and Anton Näslund. Frida was born in Gävle, Sweden but has been living in the US since 2014. She recently graduated […]

Meet Our Board Members

During the Spring of 2020, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce will feature interviews together with our Board Members. Some of them joined the Chamber recently and some of them have […]

COVID-19 Projects

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia has initiated a new project to assist businesses in the Greater Philadelphia region with navigation and support.

Spring Interns 2020

From left to right: Anna Wifvesson, Angelica Skågeby, Anna Pålsson Every six months the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia offers qualified Swedish residents the opportunity to work as […]

Thanksgiving from a Swede’s perspective

“What a strange holiday! And why are they celebrating it?” Was my first thought when I first celebrated Thanksgiving back in 2014. But after trying to explain traditions like Midsommar […]

What makes Sweden innovative?

We talked to two of the most influential people from Stockholm’s start-up scene about how the country produces world-competing companies, and what makes Sweden’s innovation culture unique. A central aspect […]