COVID-19 Projects

The Business Management Program 

The harsh and largely unforeseen reality of the Coronavirus has changed everyone’s daily lives and will continue to cause major disruption to the world for months to come. The virus is not only affecting the common health; it is affecting the foundations of our society and the global economy. Every business is affected by the pandemic virus in one way or another, and it forces companies to make difficult decisions and changes in order to keep their business operations going. 

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia has developed a free program to assist businesses in the Greater Philadelphia region with navigation and support, both during and post-pandemic.

The Free Business Management Program consists of two phases and includes a variety of strategic questions. The questions of phase 1 are intended to help businesses structure and analyze the key elements of their business and allow them to effectively use the downtime of COVID-19 to keep their business going even after the pandemic. The questions of phase 2 are indented to help businesses effectively analyze their business, in order to increase the chances of quickly accelerating into the post-pandemic marketplace as soon as the worst parts of the crisis have passed by.