About Us

Our mission is to encourage and promote the exchange of technology, trade, and culture between Sweden and the Greater Philadelphia region while providing members with a spectrum of services, business networking, and social events.

The goal of SACC-Philadelphia is to offer a comprehensive package of business-related services to members and non-members and to provide attractive network opportunities. SACC-Philadelphia strives to continuously develop its services and network in order to always be an attractive partner for its members.

The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce of The United States

SACC-USA is the umbrella organization for 20 regional Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce across the United States. We serve more than 2,300 members in Sweden and the U.S., which makes us the second largest European Chamber of Commerce in the United States.

SACC-USA is your bridge between Sweden and the United States. Our mission is to facilitate and support trade, commerce, and investment between the U.S. and Sweden. We help Swedish companies find the right partners in the USA – and vice versa. By using a wide network and contact-generating tools and methods, we ensure that products, services, and information are presented in the right way to the right people.

SACC-USA is a dynamic grassroots nonprofit striving to unlock the full potential of Swedish-American trade.  We have been growing our network of skilled local professionals throughout the United States since our foundation in 1988—with real results. We proudly serve more than 2,300 members in Sweden and the U.S., which makes us the second largest European Chamber of Commerce in the United States.

SACC-Philadelphia was founded in 1999 as a non-profit membership organization serving the Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware region. Our mission is to encourage and promote an exchange of technology, trade, and culture between Scandinavia and the Greater Philadelphia region while providing members with a spectrum of services and social events. The Greater Philadelphia area is the fourth largest regional economy in the U.S. The area is conveniently located in the center of the northeast corridor, between New York and Washington, D.C. Due to the location, Philadelphia has much to offer any company interested in doing business in a lively and flourishing region with many opportunities.


SACC-Philadelphia offers a number of benefits to its members, both through services provided by the SACC-Philadelphia office and by access to its extensive network of companies and affiliated organizations.

SACC-Philadelphia continuously works to strengthen the bond between Sweden and the Greater Philadelphia Region. Our chamber has organized and participated in several trade missions, assisting Swedish companies in opening head offices and expanding their presence in the US. To support its members, the SACC-Philadelphia office assists with everything from helping newcomers in the Philadelphia Region setting up an office or establishing contacts with local companies, to performing market analyses and marketing campaigns. The same is done for companies looking to establish themselves in Sweden.

In addition to our business services, the Chamber arranges a number of social and business events each year. Members also receive a subscription of the magazine SACC Philadelphia Update (SPU). All members of SACC-Philadelphia have access to communication channels and a big network. Whether it be through direct business contacts or through one of the various events offered during the year, SACC-Philadelphia provides unique opportunities to interact with many Swedish companies with a strong presence in the Greater Philadelphia area, including QlikTech, SKF, Skanska Construction, Alpha Laval, SCA, IKEA, and H&M. These companies have co-sponsored events or helped SACC-Philadelphia and its members in the past, and continue to be important partners.

SACC-Philadelphia also has strong connections to other organizations related to Sweden in the Philadelphia area, such as the Scandinavian-American Business Forum, American Swedish Historical Museum, Swedish Women’s Educational Association, The Philadelphia Chapter, Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, The VASA Order of America and Old Swedes Church.