Legal Tech at Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C.

Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C. is one of Philadelphia’s foremost law firms in the practice areas of commercial real estate, corporate transactions, and construction litigation, with clients ranging from small, local entrepreneurs to U.S. operations of large international companies. They are one of SACC Philadelphia’s two-crown members, and a couple of weeks ago, the SACC Philadelphia interns had the privilege of visiting their office and learning more about what the future looks like for the law firm.

A lot of businesses are changing due to technological advancements, and the legal industry is no exception. Software can in some cases replace or aid humans with time-intensive work. As an example, finding precedents and other relevant information is an area where AI has the potential to be helpful. Another example is JP Morgan’s COIN platform, released in 2017, which can reportedly automate routine processes to take dramatically less time than the over 300,000 hours it previously took their in-house lawyers and loan officers in the US.

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way attorneys work, but David maintains that the human element of client interaction will remain crucial in the near future. “I spend a large part of the day on the phone trying to figure out how to help people agree to certain terms, and I think that it will take a long time before robots can replace this work. While robots and AI can help us gather the data and do effective research, presenting it and understanding the big picture will for a long time be done by humans.” David recollects a humorous conversation he had with a client just hours before our meeting and points out that it is also the human interactions that make the job fun and interesting.

Still, Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C. is working hard to always stay updated on the latest trends. For example, the firm offers extensive tech training to all of its employees and also employs a dedicated legal technology specialist. “One of the great advantages of being a smaller firm is the ability to stay flexible and be able to adapt to new technology,” says Chief Strategist Elizabeth Larsson. The firm also uses case management software and document automation to cut down on human error, streamline workflow, and provide value to clients.

A membership at SACC Philadelphia has provided Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C. with a unique Scandinavian business community and the opportunity to connect with companies from various industries. “Swedish companies are at the forefront of many industries, and it is a great opportunity to learn about more sustainable ways of doing business,” says David. SACC events are also a great way for employees to socialize outside of the office, meet new potential clients, and connect existing clients with the community.

After a long discussion with many sidetracks (including the complexities of the latest Sweden-based horror movie “Midsommar”), we feel that Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C. is well prepared for the future, whatever it may hold.

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