Food, life and conversations around the kitchen table

Fellow Philadelphian and Swede Amy von Sydow Green’s latest book Systrarna von Sydow, maten, livet och samtalen runt köksbordet, that she has written together with her sister Ebba Kleberg and mother Helen von Sydow, gives us more than 50 flavourful recipes for any occasion mixed with smart and personal tips on how a little extra touch on the table setting can create the perfect atmosphere. Amy, Ebba and Helen also give the reader summer and food memories, the sisters tell personal stories about each other and their mother Helen. We all know that it is when you are in the kitchen together, that all the best conversations about life, memories and dreams take place.

The beautiful pictures in the book are taken in the von Sydow family’s lovely home on Marsstrand and in Skåne, where they spend a lot of time and eat great food together. Lovely, tasty, easy-to-make recipes för the moments when you want to gather your loved ones, if so for the long breakfast, brunch, lunch, fika or a nice dinner. How about yoghurt parfait, pancake muffins, tart citrus salad, smoothies, avocado and cucumber soup, pizza, fish soup, lavender chicken, Asian beef salad, and mom Helen’s vegetarian lasagna. For dessert, how about pavlova with pickled strawberries and pink or white sangria to quench thirst.

Amy von Sydow Green is a doctor and licensed dietician in Philadelphia, her sister Ebba Kleberg von Sydow is a journalist, tv-host and writer. Together, this is their fourth cookbook, and in this book, mother Helen von Sydow, who is the backbone of the daughters von Sydow’s recipe bank and who has been involved in several of the sisters’ cookbooks, emerges as a writer with her own voice.

Together with Amy, we at SACC Philadelphia have an offer to buy a signed copy of Systrarna von Sydow, maten, livet och samtalen runt köksbordet, for only $25. 
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