Our new offices: 1776

This spring, SACC Philadelphia moved to new locations in City Center and we are now a part of the 1776 startup ecosystem. We share office space with the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce and a couple of other very exciting startups.

In order to learn more about this place we sat down for a short interview with Sara Street who runs things around here:

What sets 1776 apart from other startup hubs in the area?

I think what really sets us apart is all the support we offer our companies. Every week we host networking events such as lunches and seminars, I think happenings like that really ties the group together and contributes to the entrepreneurial spirit! A lot of startups go through the same phases with similar problems and at 1776, more experienced people are just around the corner. Our network of investors and expert mentors also makes sure that our companies reach their full potential.

Are there any successful companies that have started at 1776?

There has been a lot of successful companies here at 1776, right now NatureAll is actually outgrowing us. Open forge is also doing really well.

What are your goals for this office?

My goal is to create a positive and supportive space for everyone. You should always feel comfortable talking about both ups and downs.

Do you have any startup ideas yourself?

Yes! My fiance and I really dream of owning and operating a vineyard! There are a lot of farms both here in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We thank Sara for taking the time to talk to us!

The new office is located at 1608 Walnut Street, close to Rittenhouse square. We are very excited to be here and if you’re in the neighbourhood, please swing by for a fika!

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