Thanksgiving from a Swede’s perspective

“What a strange holiday! And why are they celebrating it?” Was my first thought when I first celebrated Thanksgiving back in 2014. But after trying to explain traditions like Midsommar and Lucia for Americans I felt like Thanksgiving might not be that weird after all. (And now 5 years later […]

The 2010s – Ten reasons it was the best decade ever

Both in Sweden and the US there has been some turmoil the last decade and some people are asking themselves, “Where is the world going?”. We found a list by Johan Norberg, a Swedish author and historian of ideas, devoted to promoting economic globalization that might make you say, “I […]

What makes Sweden innovative?

We talked to two of the most influential people from Stockholm’s start-up scene about how the country produces world-competing companies, and what makes Sweden’s innovation culture unique. A central aspect of the Swedish way of life is following the “Law of Jante”. The term, first introduced in the 1933 novel, A […]

Philadelphia ranked as one of the best “foodie cities” in the United States

WalletHub ranked Philadelphia No. 19 overall for diversity, quality, affordability, and availability of gourmet cuisine. Aside from placing 19th overall, the city was also ranked No. 1 for affordability and accessibility of top-rated restaurants and second for the number of grocery stores in the city.   Read more here:

Sweden at the epicentre of the growing flight shame movement

Last month, the youth of Philadelphia could be seen striking in the center city as a part of the global climate strike started by Swedish youth activist Greta Thunberg. Some Swedish airports have now reported a decline in travellers, which some activists attribute to the “Greta effect,” and the growing […]

Legal Tech at Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C.

Larsson & Scheuritzel P.C. is one of Philadelphia’s foremost law firms in the practice areas of commercial real estate, corporate transactions, and construction litigation, with clients ranging from small, local entrepreneurs to U.S. operations of large international companies. They are one of SACC Philadelphia’s two-crown members, and a couple of […]

Lauren Swartz, the City of Philadelphia

Lauren Swartz is the Senior Director of International Business for the City of Philadelphia. Originally from Minnesota, Lauren spent three years in Copenhagen for studies and work before she moved to Philadelphia in 2005. Lauren is attending Stockholm Tech Week at the beginning of September to promote the city of […]

Food, life and conversations around the kitchen table

Fellow Philadelphian and Swede Amy von Sydow Green’s latest book Systrarna von Sydow, maten, livet och samtalen runt köksbordet, that she has written together with her sister Ebba Kleberg and mother Helen von Sydow, gives us more than 50 flavourful recipes for any occasion mixed with smart and personal tips on […]